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Hotel Design Trends for 2023

Hotel design trends are ever-changing, especially furniture, fixtures, and equipment. As such, staying on top of current trends is vital to create a unique space. In an industry with fierce competition, utilizing hospitality design trends for 2023 is ideal for a hotel to set itself apart from its competitors.

Whether you’re building a new hotel or simply want to refresh an existing hotel, explore these 2023 hotel design trends to utilize in design plans. From unique decorative lighting trends to using textured fabrics and rich jewel tones, there’s plenty to get excited about with these popular hotel design trends.

Unique Decorative Lighting

One of the most popular FF&E trends for 2023 is the appropriate use of unique, decorative lighting fixtures. The idea behind using decorative lighting is to provide style and character to a room rather than focus on how much light they produce. In contrast, other types of lighting, such as house lighting, are more focused on the amount of light provided to the room. When customers enter a space, decorative lighting fixtures catch their eye instantly, drawing their attention to the beauty of the room’s design.

Decorative lighting fixtures come in many forms, from pendant lighting to chandeliers. Today, many hotels customize unique decorative lighting designs to make their space entirely unique. With Valiant’s unmatched FF&E procurement services, hotels can access the best prices and selections in decorative lighting.

Buckles and Straps

Another popular aspect of 2023 hotel design trends is intricate designs using buckles and straps. Today’s consumers have a deepened appreciation for craft and detail, which can be used on various furniture, fixtures, and equipment items. Newer furniture designs utilize leather straps or buckles to hold cushions in place, which add functionality and style.

Utilizing items with fine details can help capture the attention of observant customers. Hand-crafted items with buckles, straps, or intricate stitching bring uniqueness to any space that consumers may not find elsewhere. Furthermore, these choices show consumers that each item in the room has been carefully thought-out.


Another FF&E trend in 2023 is the use of brass. Brass is a commonly used metal that can add luxury and character to any space. For many years, brass has remained a popular metal that hotels utilize for furniture and decorative lighting fixtures. However, in 2023 the uses for brass in hotel design elements continue to expand.

What’s unique about brass is its many forms, including polished, brushed, and matte brass finishes. A mixture of brass finishes can also help add a contemporary feel to a space. Another reason using brass is popular in recent FF&E trends is its warm color. Brass adds warmth to rooms, creating a cozy feel that cannot be provided by using stainless steel.

In addition, by incorporating brass into design elements, hotel guests are provided an “old world” or historical feel. For many, this brings back positive memories of the past, helping to enhance their stay at the hotel (especially for guest rooms). Plus, the color of brass can vary quite a bit depending on its combination with other metals. This gives plenty of flexibility when coordinating colors in an interior design.

Textured Fabrics and Jewel Tones

Using soft, textured fabrics such as velvet is another popular way to enhance hotel common spaces and guest rooms in 2023. Hotels are opting to use textured fabrics and selecting vibrant jewel tones such as emerald and topaz to add color to a space.

Incorporating these fabrics and rich jewel tones into a hotel design creates a luxurious feel to spaces, especially in hotel common areas. Instead of using industrial or business-like tones, playful colors create a universal space for leisure and business travelers. Using a balance of rich colors, new textures, and appropriate materials will result in the perfect balance.

Non-Bulky Designs

Instead of bulky designs in furniture and lighting fixtures, 2023 trends seem that hotels are opting for designs with thinner lines. Using non-bulky, more simplistic designs provides elegance without an industrial “cookie-cutter” appearance. In past years, thick-cast-iron plumbing pipes were popular. However, this trend is fading as hotels select items with less bulky design elements.

Consider These Hospitality Design Trends for 2023

Completing a hotel design project or renovation can be lengthy and time-consuming. However, keeping your space up-to-date with modern hospitality design trends goes a long way in enhancing the experience of hotel guests. 
Looking for help with your hospitality projects? Valiant offers the right blend of industry-leading interior design and project management to deliver exceptional final results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you incorporate hospitality design trends for 2023 into your space.