Hotel room with large bed, open curtains, and tv

Hospitality Interior Design – What You Need to Know

Whether it’s the design of a new hotel or a hotel redesign, the world of hotel interior design comes with many important decisions. A hotel’s design represents so much more than aesthetics, which means every little decision matters to create the perfect atmosphere. Although choosing FF&E for a hotel may seem simple, the process includes careful procurement to ensure a perfect end result.

Below, explore the most recent hospitality design trends for 2023 and everything you need to know about decisions in hotel interior design.

Brand and Guest Design Considerations

With fierce competition in the hospitality industry, exceptional hotel interior design is crucial for a business to set itself apart from the competition. Hotels with boring or bland designs may not attract the intended audience, leading to less-than-ideal revenue. Though many projects follow hotel design best practices, creating a unique and individualized space helps express a brand’s unique messaging.

The interior design of a hotel must take into account the types of guests it appeals to. Furthermore, interior design is an important consideration for creating functional spaces, which can attract guests to book events at the property. Even better, a hotel with exceptional interior design can stand out within its community and earn recognition in the hospitality industry.

Using the Psychology of Colors

One of the most common pain points in hotel interior design is color selection. Given that color is one of the first things guests will notice, it’s easy to see how important color selection can be in both common areas and guest rooms. Color psychology refers to how colors come to make guests feel while in a space, playing a major factor in the mood and atmosphere of a room.

When selecting colors for an independent hotel, pick green or blue shades for a calming and relaxing feel. On the other hand, purple is a great choice for a bold look that provides a luxurious feel. At Valiant, our interior design team carefully considers the psychology of colors when helping to create each client’s vision.

For franchised hotels, pay close attention to the colors selected in your brand’s franchise guidelines. Psychology often plays a role in the color selection of franchises. For example, Hyatt often uses black and gray in logos and design elements to promote feelings of luxury, strength, and power. The psychology of colors can be applied to all elements of hotel interior design, from walls to furniture selection.

Highlight Local Art

Independent hotels have a unique opportunity to showcase local art, adding a special touch to their hotel’s interior design. Using local art offers an opportunity to support the work of local artists, helping to strengthen ties within the community.

Even better, local art tells guests about the strong ties between a building and its location and community and provides an opportunity for ongoing learning about the community. Many interior designers in the hospitality industry find art selection to lack a connection to its surroundings, which can directly be addressed by utilizing local art.

For some franchise hotels, using regional art also offers the ability to slightly differentiate an establishment from others in the franchise. For example, look to the franchised Renaissance Hotels for hospitality interior design inspiration using local art. Each of these franchised hotels uses local art from the surrounding area, so each hotel in the portfolio offers individuality. With little flexibility given to franchised hotels in interior design choices, this is one option to support a bit of creativity. 

Local art can be showcased nearly anywhere throughout a hotel, from dining areas to guest rooms. Highlighting local art is not only one of the easiest hospitality design trends of 2023, but it’s also a trend that won’t go out of style.

Carefully Chosen Lighting Fixtures 

While lighting fixtures were often overlooked in the past, current design trends involve careful selection of lighting and fixtures. Hotel lighting can make or break a room, setting the mood and tone for guests as soon as they enter a space. Whether it’s a unique chandelier or dim mood lighting, lighting fixtures are often hand-selected for independent hotels.

When designing a space, it can be challenging to set the appropriate mood with just the right amount of lighting. Carefully chosen lighting fixtures help add both style and ambiance to any space.

Help from Interior Design Specialists

Creating a functional and unique space starts with expert hotel interior design. Both independent and franchised hotels must pay careful attention to the design elements of their spaces.

Today, many hotel owners and managers opt for the professional help of interior design specialists, like the team at Valiant. Hiring an experienced design team is an investment that can bring a hotel’s vision to life and make for a seamless design process.

At Valiant, we partner with our clients to produce beautiful and functional hotel interiors that help hotels stand out from others in the industry. We help generate the hospitality interior design inspiration needed to elevate brands using hotel interior design best practices. Contact us to learn more about our FF&E procurement and interior designs today.