Three white towels with flowers placed on each sitting on top of freshly done white sheets and a pillow.

Micro Luxury Must-Haves

Hospitality industry executives consistently find themselves learning about new trends in the industry. The latest interior design concept, “micro luxury,” highlights the importance of small details within a space. Moreover, these small luxuries elevate the look and feel of a space without requiring a massive budget.

From carefully-selected bathroom hardware to elegant fabrics, elements of micro luxury can be used by everyone in and out of hotels. Today, many hotels offer guests the ability to purchase hotel-quality products for their homes. In turn, guests can spruce up their space with small “micro luxuries” to enjoy a hotel-like feel right from the comfort of their own homes.

Below, learn more about the hospitality micro luxury trend and which items guests may look for when purchasing hotel products. From bedroom spaces to small bathrooms, there are endless ways to incorporate this modern hospitality trend into hotels and homes.

Understanding the Micro Luxury Trend

The micro luxury trend does not encompass one style, theme, or room. Instead, the concept refers to honing in on small details throughout every room, adding tiny touches of luxury that can be attainable for homeowners on a budget.

Whether it’s adding luxurious sheets to enhance a bedroom’s feel or using luxurious cabinet door knobs on a bathroom vanity, these small touches add the glamour of a hotel right into a home. Moreover, this trend can be implemented in any type or size of room.

Micro Luxury Products for Bedroom Spaces

Bedroom spaces are one of the most popular rooms to incorporate micro luxury items. With the rise of the micro luxury trend, individuals can create a luxurious bedroom space by incorporating small components of “hotel-style” quality into their rooms. For example, today’s travelers seek hotel-quality comforters for their beds instead of low-quality comforters purchased at major retailers.

Valiant’s Galore Bed Collection is a great example of micro luxury in a bedroom space. Featuring premium EcoPure fill and customizable fashion prints and colors, this comforter can go a long way in enhancing a bedroom space. Pillows and sheets are another popular way to incorporate micro luxury into bedroom spaces, adding luxurious high-thread-count striped sheets to recreate hospitality and micro luxury at home.

Of course, pillows, sheets, and comforters are just a few ways to incorporate micro luxury products into a bedroom space. Other trends include introducing textures and patterns, which add visual interest to a space. Using varying textures creates a luxurious feel that looks more expensive than it costs. For example, Valiant’s Sleep Inn Bed Skirt adds a vinyl texture to a bed that creates an elevated, modern appearance.

Adding Micro Luxury to Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another focal point of the hospitality micro luxury trend, as travelers desire the “hotel bathroom feel” at home. Adding elements of micro luxury to a bathroom may seem like small upgrades, but they have a meaningful impact. For example, upgrading to stainless steel bath hardware is a simple, yet effective, way to add luxury to a bathroom while on a budget. Other examples of popular micro luxuries in bathrooms include upgraded toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, or soap dishes.

Bathroom linens are another small detail to which to pay attention, a detail both hotels and homeowners should not overlook. A simple upgrade to hotel-quality towels can add luxury to nearly any bathroom with ease. Recent trends on social media show that viewers care more about the small touches, such as rolled towels, that add to a luxurious hotel experience.

Micro Luxuries in Living Spaces 

The enjoyable luxuries of hotels can also be added to home living spaces, such as premium options for couch and sofa cushions and upgraded linens. Recent trends for cushion fabrics utilize faux silk or velvet, adding a luxurious texture to cushions. Another example is choosing cushions with piping on the edges, which add both style and practicality to a cushion. These small doses of luxury make a huge difference in a living space!

In addition to linens in a living space, pay close attention to lighting and lampshades. A new lampshade can instantly transform a space, adding luxurious vibes. Using hotel-quality lampshades with warm glows can add a glamorous feel to any space.

Purchasing Hotel Products for Your Home

Both hotel executives and travelers can now access to enjoy hotel-quality products, adding touches of micro luxury to their homes. Even when decorating on a budget, small touches can help elevate a space in appearance and feel.

Whether adding stainless steel hardware to your bathroom or upgrading the linens in your bedroom, micro luxury is a trend that’s here to stay. Ready to discover ways to enhance your home for an upgraded feel? Explore more hotel-grade luxury products by browsing Vailant’s product catalog.