Granite & Quartz Slabs

Granite vs. Quartz in a Hotel

The durability and stain resistance of granite and quartz surfaces have made them popular materials for hotel designs. While these two materials are quite similar in appearance, each material has its own properties to consider depending on the usage.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about the difference between granite and quartz tops and explore considerations for hotel use.

Granite vs. Quartz 

Before deciding which top material to use in a hotel design, it’s first important to understand the differences in their compositions. Granite is made by sawing 100% natural stone into slabs or tiles. The granite material is mined right from the earth, without any added manmade materials.

On the other hand, quartz is an engineered product, which combines crushed natural quartz with manmade materials. Quartz consists of 95% natural quartz stone and about 5% of other materials, which often include pigments and resins to bind the material. The percentage of each material may vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer of your quartz tops.

Aesthetic Differences in Materials

Given the natural composition of granite, most granite tops do not have a uniform appearance. Every natural granite slab will have a slightly different coloring and pattern, which means no two slabs are the same. In contrast, quartz tops are engineered, which means they’ll have a more consistent appearance throughout. 

Both granite and quartz tops offer a stunning appearance, and aesthetically it may come down to personal preference. Some hotel owners prefer the wider color selection available in quartz (as a result of added manmade pigments).

Use of Granite and Quartz in Hotel Design

Granite and quartz are popular material choices in hotel settings. Both of these materials create a luxurious and polished look, creating elegance in a space. The durability of these tops is also an attractive feature, offering a low-maintenance surface that is made to last. Overall, both options make great choices for hotels. However, there are a few pros and cons of each material to consider.

Pros and Cons: Granite vs. Quartz

When designing for hospitality, owners, and managers have many factors to consider. From durability to ease of maintenance, each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of both granite and quartz.


Granite and quartz tops can last years in your hotel depending on usage and care. Compared to your typical household, the tops will go through more wear and tear due to the constant flow of customers and heavy usage. However, quartz is generally more durable and resistant to cracks and chips. Also, granite slabs are more likely to stain than quartz, another especially relevant consideration to tops for hotels.


Since granite is 100% natural, the stone must be sealed during installation and resealed every 12 to 18 months. As such, hotels must consider the costs and time associated with this process. On the other hand, the engineered quartz compound does not require sealing, which can be an attractive benefit for hotel owners looking for easy maintenance.

Bacteria & Heat Resistance

Both granite and quartz are resistant to bacteria and heat. However, quartz is slightly more bacteria-resistant due to its added manmade materials. The natural composition of granite means the surface is more porous, which can mean slightly more bacteria buildup. If heat-resistant tops are a concern, granite can withstand much higher temperatures than quartz.


Eco-conscious hotels may prefer granite tops over quartz because manufacturing quartz produces slightly more carbon emissions and utilizes polymer resins. However, both choices are considered eco-friendly top materials.

Hotel Value

When choosing between quartz and granite, some owners may consider how the hotel’s property value will be impacted. Both options add significant value to a hotel, serving as an attractive selling point for the future.

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