Spacious room with 2 multicolored twin beds and several matching chairs, on top of patterned carpets.

Why Manufacturing Matters to Hotels

When it comes time for hotel owners or managers to choose the right hotel furniture, there are many decisions to make. Unlike household furniture, hotel furniture requires an advanced degree of durability to withstand high usage from guests. Although it may seem like all types of furniture are similar, there are quite a few nuances to consider when selecting the right furniture for a hotel setting.

This guide will explore important considerations for hotel owners seeking commercial-grade furniture and how Valiant’s furniture is engineered with the rugged standards of the hospitality industry in mind.

Why is Manufacturing Important For Your Hotel?

Furniture made specifically for a hospitality setting differs greatly from household furniture. Therefore, hotel owners and managers tasked with purchasing hotel furniture must consider a few key factors. One of the most critical components of your selection is quality.

Choosing a manufacturer that makes commercial-grade furniture is vital to ensure the longevity and functionality of furniture selections. Given the high usage of hotel furniture, you’ll want to select furniture that will last. Unlike household furniture, furniture made for the hospitality industry uses different, more durable materials, such as high-pressure laminate tops and chip-resistant surfaces.

Not only does this save hotel owners time and hassle, but choosing industry-specific furniture is a smarter investment to help eliminate the need to replace furniture prematurely.

Of course, durability is just one of the many considerations when selecting hotel furniture. Style and selection are other priorities for purchasers. Trusting a manufacturer such as Valiant, which specializes in the hospitality industry, helps ensure buyers have a wide selection of stylish furnishings to select from.

We know shoppers want a selection of offerings to help bring their vision to life. So whether you’re doing it for a modern and timeless look or a more traditional feel, we offer a wide selection of trusted furnishings for hotels. Not only do we know that buyers want a wide selection, but they also want selections that match the latest trends in the hotel furniture industry. Selecting a furniture manufacturer that stays up-to-date on the latest industry trends can help advance your hotel’s style and, thus, your success.

The Valiant Products Difference

Valiant Products sets itself apart from other hotel FF&E providers by manufacturing our own casegoods and window coverings in the USA. Since opening our doors in 1961, we’ve developed the diverse expertise and knowledge needed for excellence in the hospitality industry. Our team values reliability, accountability, and stability, putting these values forth in every project we tackle.

As specialty hotel furniture manufacturers, we focus on engineering and building furniture made in the U.S. with the quality and durability needed for commercial settings. We consider important factors in the production process, such as stability, weight, durability, and safety testing of each piece of furniture.

Furthermore, by owning our own manufacturing plant, Valiant Products can fine-tune each step of the production process, helping to enhance the customer experience. From start to finish, we exceed customer expectations and can easily adapt to projects of any size. 

Streamlined Processes

Valiant offers manufactured hotel case goods, vanities, dining tables, and boardroom tables, available in a wide selection of styles and sizes. Customers purchase hotel furniture items directly from us, knowing we understand the most important components of commercial-grade furniture and rigorously control quality in our U.S. manufacturing facilities.

In addition to furnishings, Valiant also manufactures window coverings for hotels, such as draperies, sheers, and blackout curtains. Using state-of-the-art precision machinery, our window treatments are made from the highest quality materials for hospitality settings. Most importantly, we stand behind each and every commercial-grade furniture item we manufacture, providing assurance to hotel owners and managers.

Exploring Hotel Furnishings

Ready to explore the durability and style of Valiant’s manufactured products? Start by viewing our detailed online catalog,which showcases many of our self-manufactured styles. In our catalog, hotel managers or owners can find matching furniture sets available in several finishes which are completely designed and manufactured by Valiant Products.

Have more questions about our manufacturing process? Contact a Valiant team member by completing the online form or reaching out to us toll-free at 1-800-347-2727. We look forward to assisting you in selecting top-quality hotel furnishings to breathe life into your hotel.