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How Valiant Excels in Project Management

In 2023, project management in FF&E procurement is more important than ever. With so much competition in the hospitality industry, choosing an expert in project management can make projects run seamlessly, ensuring quality at every stage in the process. In the hotel industry, project management involves many steps and tasks that require open communication and specialized experience.

Valiant Products exceeds expectations in hospitality project management, offering full transparency and engagement with clients throughout every step of the process. The Valiant Products team consists of experienced and tenured Project Managers who truly care about satisfying clients and strive for service and communication excellence.

Project management can help hotel executives save time and stress while also enhancing the success of a project and providing support with any problems that may arise throughout the process. Below, learn more about the importance of project management in FF&E procurement, and explore Valiant Product’s unique approach to project management.

Why is Project Management Important in FF&E Procurement?

Project management in the hospitality industry helps projects run effortlessly, ensuring the most success and clear lines of communication. With Valiant Product’s comprehensive FF&E procurement project management services for independent hotels or franchised hotels, each project is assigned a single point of contact for all project-related questions, directives, and logistics.

Access to a dedicated project manager helps eliminate issues with communication and reduces the chance of error. Valiant’s Project Managers are responsible for taking orders, generating project status reports, coordinating delivery schedules, arranging logistics, and adapting to any changes in plans throughout the process. In addition, each Project Manager is thoroughly knowledgeable in the hospitality industry and focuses on providing exceptional support in scheduling and communication.

Hospitality project management ensures all objectives are met, ensuring each project results in beautiful and functional guest spaces. With access to manufactured goods right from Valiant Products, customers are also offered a huge selection of commercial-grade and high-quality furnishings right from the source. Valiant offers a massive selection of hotel case goods, furniture, window coverings, and more, all of which use the highest quality materials designed for hospitality settings.

Do I Need Project Management?

Using an experienced FF&E procurement and project management company like Valiant is a smart choice for projects of any size. When it comes to large hotel renovation or construction projects, time is limited. With many tasks on the plates of hotel managers, owners, or other hotel executives, utilizing a project manager is a smart choice. Using a dedicated Valiant Project Manager can help save valuable time, taking the logistics, planning, and other tasks off the plate of hotel executives.

In addition to saving time, hospitality project management offers hotels access to tools and resources they may not have on their own. For example, Valiant’s Project Managers use proprietary software and report generation tools to ensure projects remain on track and that multiple pieces of projects are coordinated effectively. Access to these project management tools can make a big difference in helping to relieve stress throughout each stage of the project.

Help with Coordinating Logistics & Problem-Solving

Each step of FF&E procurement takes time and patience. Whether it’s coordinating logistics for shipments or performing a price analysis, it can be helpful to have an expert on your side. Most hotel owners or other executives do not have the time or expertise to dive deep into each of these complicated processes. Furthermore, project management offers post-project service and problem-resolution assistance in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

No project will ever go exactly to plan! In these instances, an FF&E Project Manager can help troubleshoot issues in scheduling, routing, production, damages of items, and so much more.