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Evaluating an FF&E Provider

Choosing the right FF&E products for a hotel can go a long way to elevate hotel value and create the perfect look for a space. When choosing an FF&E provider for a hotel project, it can quickly become challenging with many vendors to choose from. With lots of FF&E competition in the industry, there are dozens of procurement vendors to choose from, which may not have the appropriate qualifications for every project.

As such, hotel owners and managers must enter the search knowing how to evaluate each provider properly. Before beginning the process of searching for the best FF&E provider, consider these questions to ask to perform an FF&E evaluation.

Asking the right questions to prospective providers will help narrow down vendor choices and ultimately assist in selecting the best FF&E procurement vendor for each project’s specific needs.

Why the Right FF&E Provider Matters

Selecting an inexperienced or underqualified FF&E provider can lead to a tumultuous process that can easily be avoided. Properly vetting each vendor before making a decision can ensure a seamless, stress-free procurement and delivery of products. Utilizing a seasoned provider helps reduce stress and worry for hotel executives, resulting in a beautifully-designed hotel that meets project requirements.

In addition to making for a stress-free experience, selecting the right FF&E provider helps projects stay on budget and maximize their return on value (ROV) on all equipment.

Find Out if a Coordinator Is Provided

A dedicated coordinator from an FF&E provider can go a long way in making for a smooth and stress-free process. When evaluating an FF&E provider, determine if a dedicated support coordinator will be assigned to the project. The role of this coordinator is to manage and oversee all aspects of procurement, including logistics and transportation of items.

Not only does the help of a coordinator take items off hotel owners’ and managers’ to-do lists, but it also provides updated access to the latest shipping information. If issues arise, such as shipment delays or damaged items, the FF&E coordinator can help tackle each of these concerns.

At Valiant, each project is assigned a project manager from the start. This helps ensure each project is managed and implemented properly throughout each step of the journey. Furthermore, each Project Manager focuses on maintaining an open line of communication, providing a resource to ask any necessary questions that arise.

Learn How the Provider Manages Budgets

Selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment for a hotel space can involve lots of expenses. As such, it is vital to assess the ability of the project vendor’s ability to complete a project budget estimation and adhere to the selected budget. A reputable FF&E procurement vendor should have a strong knowledge base of industry products and provide alternative product sources to adhere to a strict budget.

A strong FF&E vendor will have lots of experience with navigating detailed budgets and finding products at affordable prices without compromising quality. Before beginning the procurement process, the FF&E vendor should take the necessary time to explore each client and project’s needs and expectations. The ability of a provider to successfully manage a budget helps to set them apart from other competitors in the industry.

Explore Reviews and Recommendations

Researching reviews and recommendations is another key component of an FF&E evaluation. By diving into reviews, hotel managers can learn vital information and insight into a company’s background and abilities. If a provider comes with recommendations, hotel executives can learn about business practices, relationships, and other key factors to aid in the decision-making process.

On the other hand, a provider without adequate recommendations may signal some red flags. Reviews may also reveal problems with a provider that indicate they are not a reputable option.

Facility Tours

A facility tour is an important step in an FF&E provider’s ability to effectively visualize the space. As such, reputable providers will tour the facility before beginning the project and may even make follow-up visits as they progress through the project. In addition, the provider should provide a walk-through upon completion of the project to ensure everything is perfect. During your evaluation, avoid providers who do not offer these vital services.

Elevate Hotel Value with Valiant

The expert project managers at Valiant offer support and guidance for hotel executives throughout each step of the procurement process. Our dependable team strictly adheres to project budgets, providing cost-cutting alternatives for each decision. As experts in the FF&E industry for over 58 years, we know what it takes to set ourselves apart from our competition.

Contact us to learn more about how Valiant can help elevate hotel value for each project we tackle.