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Hotel Design for Solo Travelers

The recent solo travel trend opens a new world of possibilities for travelers. Solo travel allows explorers to cross destinations off their bucket lists independently without needing a travel companion. As this recent trend continues to grow, executives in the hospitality industry must continue to adapt accordingly.

Independent hotels now have a prime opportunity to cater to these individuals, offering solo traveling lodging for a comfortable and safe solo stay. Gather some solo travel hotel inspiration below and explore ways to adjust hotel design to meet the changing needs of solo travelers. With a few simple changes, your hotel can target the unique needs of these travelers, helping to bring your establishment to the next level.

Solo Travel Hotel Inspiration: What Individual Travelers Seek

While Airbnb is a popular solution for travel groups, these accommodations are often too expensive for solo travelers. Not only have Airbnb rates risen (with today’s daily rate being about 36% higher than rates in 2019), but solo travelers are not sharing the bill amongst a large group.

With this price challenge in mind, many solo travelers have begun staying in hostels. Even slight changes in hotel design can be useful for independent hotels to target the needs of solo travelers. 

Solo Travelers Want to Socialize

Often, people falsely believe that solo travelers want to be on their own at all times during their trip. This misconception could not be further from the truth! While solo traveling is invigorating, it can still become lonely. For this reason, solo travelers seek lodging with communal spaces that offer opportunities for social interaction.

Incorporating this element of solo travel into a hotel design is easy. Hotel owners and managers should consider adding flexible lounge spaces, communal tables, and areas to socialize within hotel lobbies. To take things one step further, the addition of entertainment options for groups, such as board games, helps the socialization of guests gathered in these common areas.

Solo travelers also seek social opportunities outside of the hotel space. Hotel managers and executives must focus on selling the local scene, offering suggestions for social opportunities in the surrounding area. For example, hotels could create a social happenings calendar that includes everything in town, from the best markets to visit to live music events. Some hotels even offer night-time events, such as wine tastings or movie nights.

Single Rooms for Solo Traveler Lodging

Standard hotel rooms are often designed for at least two travelers, which can be pricey for solo travelers. Instead, independent hotels catering to solo travelers can incorporate single or micro-hotel rooms into their design as a newer alternative. Single rooms offer a cozy space just large enough for one traveler.

Independent hotels can take this hotel inspiration for travelers from airport hotels, designed with the needs of single travelers in mind. After all, solo travelers simply want a comfortable and safe location to stay without the price tag of an Airbnb.

Smaller hotel rooms can still incorporate small elements of micro luxury, another popular trend in the hospitality industry. Carefully selecting hotel-quality items offer more of a true “hotel luxury” experience for solo travelers, which hostels cannot offer. For example, many popular 2023 hotel design trends, such as unique decorative lighting or brass fixtures, can be incorporated as micro luxuries into single rooms.

Focus on Safety and Security

One of the primary concerns of solo travelers is safety and security. As such, independent hotels can cater to these worries by offering enhanced safety measures. Small changes to marketing messaging can go a long way in assuring solo travelers.

For example, offering surveillance cameras, well-lit parking lots, or security personnel can help reassure solo travelers. Hotels can also take advantage of new technologies used in the hospitality industry, such as keyless entry, that help enhance the safety and security of all guests.

Offer Health and Wellness Opportunities

Today’s solo travelers seek new ways to support their self-care, rest, and relaxation. With a rise in wellness tourism, travelers seek solo traveler lodging with health and wellness offerings. For example, independent hotels may consider adding options for yoga or meditation classes, group hiking experiences, or upgraded spa amenities.

Hotels offering these options welcome solo travelers to focus on their mental health and well-being during their stay. These amenities can attract solo travelers who were once considering hostels.

Valiant’s Independent Lodging Solutions

Need help gathering solo traveler hotel inspiration? The experts at Valiant offer full-service FF&E procurement and interior design support, helping you find innovative ways to design your space to cater to solo travelers. Valiant’s experts are committed to creating eye-catching interior spaces from the initial design through installation.

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